Sandslayer Worm

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Future look for the Sandslayer Worm

The Sandslayer Worm, colloquially called "Pookie", is the first shown Alpha Class creature. It will occasionally follow the player, surprising them by attacks from the ground.

Background[edit | edit source]

It's known among Dragonkind as Dragonbane, the Dune Devourer, but it is more accurately known by its species name as the Sandslayer Worm. The Sandslayer Worm burrows underground in the Dune desert tunneling through the sand often stopping in a vibration-rich area to lie in wait underground in using the large vibration-sensing hairs that cover its body to detect movement on the surface. Once prey has been detected, it springs to the surface and lashes out with its long tentacles to then pull its prey into its fang-like teeth where it injects venom into its soon-to-be meal. The venom begins digesting the prey from the inside before it has even reached the hundreds of grind teeth which make short work of dragon scales. The tiny hairs which cover its fangs act as both eyes and ears for the Sandslayer Worm detecting the tiniest vibrations from both sound and movement. Sandslayer Worms do not ever fully leave the sand and often breed underground in their burrows. Those who have seen them rarely live to tell their tale.

Fighting Tactics[edit | edit source]

Although it has a lot of health, the Sandslayer Worm can be killed, to no currently known benefits. It is advised to stay in the air for the fight, as landing or even getting too close to the ground could result in instant death. Although extremely dangerous, it is possible to dodge its attack, and counter with one of your own.

Flame Stalker's Thermal Sense ability can track the worms movement underground, and is a must if you want to take it down. A team of multiple dragons is recommended.