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This is a repository of guides made by the community on the official Discord, with minimal adaptations for the wiki. For this wikis guide to DoD, check out How to play guide for Day of Dragons

The simple guide of the very basics[edit | edit source]

Guide created by Elias Auxilibus

Joining a Server[edit | edit source]

As of this time only those with a beta key can play. If you don't have a beta key, you must wait until Early Access. To join the beta (if you have said key) go to your library on Steam, right click Day of Dragons, go to Properties, then the Betas tab.

There's a drop-down menu. Click it, then click "test - Public test branch" and the game should update for you.

Open up Day of Dragons, go to Multiplayer, and the servers should be there. Just click on one to join. If the servers don't show up, restart Steam.

Once you go to join a server you are presented with 3 options in the top left. These are to spawn as various dragons. Keep in mind that these are placeholders that will be replaced when proper models are available.

The Inferno Ravager is the only wyvern in the game at the moment. The Plasma Dragon is the smallest, yet fastest and is able to camouflage. The Fire Dragon is a newly added dragon.

Starting Off[edit | edit source]

When you begin you'll start off in an egg. Press E to hatch. The color and gender of your dragon is randomized upon hatching.

To quickly find out your gender, type /gender in chat.

You'll begin at an oasis. There is a food source and water at each one. At the time of this was written there are 3 oasis' scattered around the desert. They commonly go by "1 Pond" (which has 1 body of water with a central "island"), "2 Pond" (has 2 bodies of water and is furthest from our Lord and Savior Pookie.), and "3 Pond" (3 bodies of water, largest oasis of the three).

There's several things to take note of in the bottom right and the bottom middle of the screen. The bottom right has several colored bars. Green is your health, red is hunger, and blue is thirst. In the bottom middle when you run, fly, or swim, there'll be a white stamina bar that appears. It can regenerate slowly by standing still, or faster by resting (press R to rest).

Resting will also help you grow faster.
To run, hold Shift.
You can press X to change between a slow walk and a faster trot that uses a little stamina.
C will make you crouch.
Space will make you jump.

In the bottom left is the chat box. Press T to make it disappear or reappear. To type, press Enter and start typing away. While you're able to type, you can click on either Global, Group, or Local to switch between the three available chat channels.

Food and Water[edit | edit source]

As time goes on your food and water (red and blue bars in the bottom right) will decrease over time. When one of these run out you'll start to lose health.

To drink from water, the easiest thing to do is to simply walk into it and stay near the shore and hold E. It may take a few moments for your thirst to go up. If it doesn't work, go in the water a little deeper and hold E again.

For food, there is a dead, yellow, non-draconic creature with flies buzzing around it. Simply walk into it to refill hunger at this time. At 1 pond it's in the very center, at 2 pond it's on the opposite side of the oasis from the tall sand dune, at 3 pond it's also on the opposite side of the sand dune.

As you grow larger, your reserves for each will increase (it will not visibly show it via larger bars, etc.) and you will have to seek out food and water occasionally.

Flight and Exploration[edit | edit source]

I will not spoil locations, etc., for you, but I will give you some basics.

You need to be at least 0.5 for growth to be able to fly. The yellow "bile bar" in the bottom right will start to fill as well. To check your growth, type /growth.

To fly, simply press F. If you fall back to the ground, hold Space as your "jumping" to help get you in the air, as sometimes just pressing F doesn't work. You can also run, jump, then press F at the height of your jump to get in the air faster.

Space will make you go up.
Alt will make you go down.
Shift, while held, will make you fly faster (like running), and make you go up or down faster.
Hold Right Mouse Button and move your mouse to look around without your camera resetting. Letting go of RMB will reset the camera.

To land, simply go to the ground and your dragon will automatically land when you're close enough.

WARNING: Flying too high will make your character bug out as there is an invisible "ceiling." If you can't land in water to reset your character's animation, you will have to rejoin the server.

At this time there are 2 locations to explore. The desert, and redwoods.

To get to the redwoods, fly into the portal at 1 Pond (the black smoky cloud looking thing near that oasis). Be careful there, as it's notorious for players getting stuck.

To leave redwoods, head upstream until you see where it begins. There'll be another portal in the air there. The portal will drop you in the middle of the desert between the oasis' and our Lord and Savior Pookie.

Easiest way to find your way to an oasis is to look for the portal at 1 Pond on the horizon. It shows up as a black dot.

Final Note[edit | edit source]

...and the rest is up to you! Explore, break the game, attempt and fail to crash the server, do whatever you want!

As previously stated, this is only a basic guide to get you started. I'll make changes as time goes on. If I'm missing something or if you have questions, feel free to DM me! leave a message on the talk page!

However, it may be best to check out #faq first, as many questions about the game have been answered there. If you need a specific thing, try the search function available in this wiki to look for it!

If you want to see chat commands and other controls, check out #dod-game-guides. For a full list of commands, check out this guide

Plasma Dragon's Redwoods flight guide[edit | edit source]

Guide created by Eve
Disclaimer: Certain parts may not be applicable to dragons other than Plasma Dragon

First and foremost, common sense would tell you to fly over the trees to have an easier time getting around and being aware of your surroundings. While this is true, I would like to stress for you not to go too high, in my experience, you are more likely to get glitched hitting the flight mesh in the worlds ceiling than you are by crashing into a tree. Should you crash into a tree, it is best for you to fully commit to it, try hitting your head against it instead of your wings because you wont get bugged out this way (the exception with this being that autoland triggers along with the landing sequence engaged by hitting the tree in this way) and don't move until you land flat on the ground.

Speaking of the ground, the safer places to be on the ground are near the top of the redwoods, or near the bottom. I would suggest avoiding the middle part where the cave and river are because all of the collision debris located there is more likely to get you stuck. I would also suggest avoiding jumping along the waterfalls (the smaller ones, not the big ones) because you have a high risk of getting stuck there too.

As for flight mechanics, since the post above this explains the controls, and if you are reading this, chances are you know the basics of flight anyways, so I won't go over that. This advice here will be most accurate for Plasma Dragons since they have the smallest turn radii of the current three.

The sharpest turn you can do is when you let go of every key on your keyboard, and then press A or D, you will turn in place. (keep in mind that you will have to let go of the key you turn with before advancing forward, and while doing this, you wont immediately stop either)

In the redwoods, you want to save your sprint button for banking because banking is a sharper turn than just pressing A or D while moving forward.

"Well Eve if you are sprinting, shouldn't you already be banking?"

Not necessarily, it is better to initiate your turn before your sprint, because if you do the opposite, you will drift forward before actually turning, so you run more of a risk to crashing into trees.

A final hint of advice is that if you find yourself in a situation where you cant avoid your wings hitting the trees, then dive (not a divebomb, just simply diving) because that transition to your force landing animation will less likely cause you to get stuck compared to transitioning from a mid-wingflap animation to your force land animation